What our clients say

"I have used Courtney as my accountant for over 3.5 years now, since I started in business with zero revenue to now running my business with approximately 10 staff. I have enjoyed both working with her on a regular basis and the results we have been able to achieve to date. She has learnt my business and has supported us as we have grown, and is considered an asset to Powerwash."

Israel McMillan, Powerwash Limited

"As a small business Grayson & Co has been the perfect find for all of our accounting needs and business advice and support. Courtney and her team are utterly professional, informative, helpful and friendly. They care about their  clients  and  take the time to understand your business and are a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Grayson & Co  to anyone entering into a new venture or indeed handing over the reins to somebody new."

Louise Andrew, Bessie S Limited

"As a new business owner, I found the whole finance and accounting side of my business very daunting. After a bad experience with my first accountant I came across Courtney. From the very beginning, I have received tailored advice, support and services. Every beginners question or concern I have ever had is dealt with in such a caring, supportive and professional way. I feel so cared for by Courtney and cannot recommend her highly enough."

Helen Armstrong

"Grayson and Co have been very accommodating to my accounting needs at a level in which I can understand and interpretate. They are not all about processing numbers and keeping up with modern accounting systems, they actually understand there is a balance in life between work and family."

Croydon Williams, Croydon Williams Limited

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