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Why do I need an accountant with a range of experience?

Imagine going to your doctors because you had a sore arm and your doctor asked some basic questions, quickly checked you over, and sent you on your way with a prescription for paracetamol and to come back in a month if it's still not better.

Initially, you might feel relieved that there isn't anything wrong but after a few days, your arm is still sore and getting worse. You go back to the doctors, but see a different doctor this time. This time, the doctor asks you more questions around what you were doing when it got sore, repetitive movements that you might make, changes to your physical exercise routine, checks out your posture and orders X-ray's just to be sure you didn't fracture it when you tripped up a few days ago. The X-ray comes back with a small fracture, you get a cast for 6 weeks and end up all healed and back to normal.

What do these doctors have to do with looking for an accountant? Although we treat different things (doctors treat humans and we treat businesses), experience has lots to do with the outcomes that you receive. When the experience isn't there, you can end up with sub-standard outcomes. Experience helps to ensure that your outcomes are of the highest standard, which can lead to your business having soaring success.

In business, working with someone who has a different area of expertise to you helps to create synergies to really propel your business (1+1=3 anyone?). While I will probably never understand the detailed in's and out's of your business operationally (that's what you're an expert in), I have the experience in managing finances, and guiding businesses through both tough and good times without getting in to financial difficultly and being a general sounding board for your ideas.

Most business owners know they need to do their tax returns and GST returns, and know that accountants take care of these services for them - which gives them peace of mind. However, a lot of business owners don't understand the importance of cashflow management or regular profit reviews. Regardless of whether you are making a killing or struggling a little, knowing where your cash is coming from, going to, and when, along with assurance you are making profits, are key to running a successful business.

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king.

We can help you with all of the stuff you didn't even know you needed to know.

Click through the gallery below to learn more around how we can help with many more aspects of being in business than just your tax.

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Our Services

Whether you're new to business or looking at exiting, we have services designed specifically to guide you through business ownership.

We do everything from company incorporation to assistance on business sales, and everything in between. 


Let's catch up and see how I can help you!

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